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This site is concerned with anagamas and other wood-fired kilns, wood fired pots and wood firers themselves
Construction and content are the responsibility of Arthur Rosser who can be contacted at Unless credited otherwise all material is by Arthur Rosser, whose own woodfiring activities are described on Carol and Arthur Rosser's website (external link).

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In order of posting, latest pages at the top
Chester Nealie Book
Comprehensively illustrated volume on Chester's woodfiring activities
Bricks, metal and heat
Kevin Grealy details two more ways to go wrong
Red/orange flashing
Results of tests on Australian commercial clay bodies. (Note re recent TMK added Jan 2017)
Su Hanna
Su has an anagma with a cast arch near Bendigo, Victoria
Sergei Shatrov
Sergei fires with wood at the Holy Transfiguration Monastery near Bombala
Woodfire Tas 2011
Report on pre-conference firing and links to photos of the firing and conference
The Oztrain Kiln Carol and Arthur Rosser's Bourry box kiln for extended wood firings
Peter Pilven Ballarat woodfirer with a flat-top anagama 
Reduced cooling Owen Rye comments on reduced cooling techniques
Controlled reduced cooling The Gentle Art of Ginger Stuffing: this is a version of a talk given by Arthur Rosser at the 2008 Sturt Woodfire conference
Grant Hodges and
Issac Patmore
Grant and Isaac fire together in the suburbs of Brisbane
Graeme Wilkie Graeme has an anagama and a comprehensive establishment at Lorne, Victoria
Jann Kesby Jann fires a Bourry Box kiln and an anagama near Kempsey, NSW (new images Mar 2010)
Cher Shackleton Cher lives in Perth, Western Australia and conducts long wood firings and soda firings (Sasukenei kiln photos added 2008)
Zak Chalmers Zak fires an anagama near the southern tip of mainland Australia 
Ben Richardson Ben fires with acacia wood and favours Tasmanian materials  (new work, new kiln Mar 2010)
Bill Samuels Bill's kiln is an ogama, located in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney
The sutema An anagama can be easier to fire with a stabilizing chamber
Steve Williams Steve used to fire an anagama near Wagga in NSW. He has now shifted to Tuncurry.
(new work Mar 2010)
Len Cook An anagama in the wet rainforest of tropical Queensland (new photos Feb 2006)
Geoff Thomas Farmer-potter Geoff Thomas lives near Gilgandra in NSW
Daniel Lafferty Near Cobargo, in southern NSW, Daniel fires an anagama and a double Bourry box kiln
Stewart Scambler Stewart uses a variety of woods to fire his kiln in Western Australia
Fast-fire kilns Kevin Grealy writes about building and firing fast firing wood kilns
Steve Harrison Craftsman, kiln builder, teacher, author and more, from the NSW Southern Highlands
Simple photo setup A seamless background on a light metal frame makes photography easier
Warwick Brickworks Andy Schnitzerling´s family has been woodfiring bricks in Warwick for more than 150 years
Peter Thompson Woodfire potter from the far north of Queensland
Rosser anagama Photos and a plan for an anagama of unusual construction
Robert Barron Robert fires his 1000 cu ft noborigama twice each year
Twin Bourry box kiln A very efficient kiln built by John James of Warwick, Queensland
Paul Davis Written when Paul was at the Sturt Pottery
Chester Nealie Chester's elegant kiln at Goanna Ridge is fired with Black Cypress
Geoff Crispin Rebuilding of the Whiteman Creek kiln and pots from the second and third firings
Ian Jones and
Moraig McKenna
Moraig and Ian use two anagamas at Gundaroo NSW
Peter Rushforth A visit to his pottery in the Blue Mountains
Andrew Stewart Images of Andrew´s pots and his long throat Bourry box kiln
Glossary Some words commonly used by Australian woodfirers
East Timor Project Photographs and details of the project organised by Sandra Lockwood and Simon Levin
Steve Harrison books New editions of Laid Back Woodfiring and Australian Woodfiring
Woodfiring at Sturt Megan Patey outlines the history of the Sturt Pottery at Mittagong NSW
Mexican brick kilns Robert Marquez provides elegant solutions to some problems with traditional kilns
Dennis and Malina Monks Woodfiring saltglaze potters from Lismore NSW
Blazuur Keramiek Linda De Nil and Erwin Vanderlinden's anagama and gallery in Belgium
Sandra Lockwood  Woodfiring salt glaze potter from Balmoral Village in NSW
Small twin Bourry kiln Plans for a small kiln with two fireboxes
Bourry firebox How this downdraught firebox works
Single Bourry kiln Plans for a small kiln with a single firebox
Simple kilns Basic woodfiring experience with low temperature kilns made from common house bricks
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