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The kiln in the foreround is Fatso, a kiln Ben built partly to test glazes made from Tasmanian materials under wood-firing conditions. The kiln fires in about 24 hours. Its design, construction and use was discussed by Ben in an article in The Log Book issue 6. The article also deals with his use of local Tasmanian materials, and in it he says that “It is difficult at times not to yield to the seductive, addictive attraction of nepheline syenite in woodfiring”. He hopes to substitute local materials for most of the nepheline syenite in his shino type glazes.

In 2005 a second chamber was added (see thumbnail link below).

The kiln in the background is his anagama.

Materials used in this kiln
The firebox and kiln chamber up to the start of the arch were built with dense firebricks, with some commons used in the outer of the two layers. The arch was completed with secondhand insulating firebricks.

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Modified kiln

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