Fatso modified

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A second chamber was added in 2005 with the thought that it could be used for glazed work that only needed light fire marking and ash deposit.

The first chamber is fired, with side stoking, and at the same time the second chamber is stoked lightly, with gum (eucalyptus), for the last 3 to 4 hours of firing in the first chamber. The aim is to need only about 2 hours to finish the second chamber after the first is closed down.

Ben's comments The problems at the moment are that I am getting a more reduced and faster cool than I would like in the first chamber while I am firing the 2nd chamber. This was most noticeable when I was finishing the 1st chamber before starting stoking the 2nd. Probably the arch being insulating brick does not help here. As I have had glazed work in the 1st chamber I don't want to be pulling ash through onto cooling glazes, so the draught has to be very low.

I still think it is a good idea but if it doesn't work as I hope then I have a large sutema. I have fired it with the 2nd chamber empty and it fires well.

By 2009 Ben had changed his mind about the extended Fatso.

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