Fatso in action

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The front column of shelves in the photos (above and below right) is referred to by Ben as the “flame pillar stack”. Its purpose is to divert the flames towards the sides of the kiln to counteract their tendency to move straight up the centre.

Fatso drying out

After 11 hours cone 8 is reached on the flame pillar stack, and the final temperature at the front is about cone 12. At the back cone 9 is reached. When the stokers are satisfied with the firing they close the kiln and go to bed, leaving the kiln to cool naturally.

These foliage vases are packed Bizen style at the back of the main firebox and are covered with coals when cone 8 goes higher up at the front. They would be cooler than cone 8. Ben says they need to emerge at least partly from the coals at the end of the firing to vitrify the clay.

After firing

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