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Len's current anagama is located in front of his house and gallery in the Paluma township. Paluma is not far from the sea and Len's place is near the top of the range so there is frequent precipitation from condensation from low clouds. Wood for the kiln is stored in drier country a few miles to the west and trucked in just before each firing. Len fires with Australian hardwoods (Eucalypts), together with Blackwood (Acacia melanoxylon), pine, and umbrella tree. The firings last 90 to 96 hours.

Len's shutdown procedure: Side stoke embers are left to burn away well before the end of the firing and the side stoking ports are clammed up prior to finishing the main stoking. At shutdown, the front firebox is filled with wood, usually pine, with a tiny amount of air entering the kiln via the mousehole, and the damper is closed. The temperature usually climbs during this procedure. After the wood burns away in the front firebox, causing heavy reduction, the kiln cools down in oxidation. The kiln is allowed to cool for about a week before opening.

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