Sandra Lockwood

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Sandra Lockwood is a woodfiring salt glaze potter who lives in Balmoral Village in the Southern Highlands southwest of Sydney. (see map). She is currently engaged in a project in East Timor.

Over the years Sandra has built a variety of woodfing salt kilns, and says of her own workshop 'I am about to build a new bourry kiln as my two chamber is in need of repairs and is too large for my needs. I am planning on getting rid of the firebox lid arrangement as this always seems to be needing attention and will go to a firebox with an arch and side stoking.'

Since the above was written the new kiln has been completed. Click here for a photo of it. 

Note added June 2008: Sandy now has her own website (external link) with recent images of her work and kilns.

The link below leads to a series of images of her long kiln which
is based on a kiln built by her neighbour Steve Harrison.



New kiln

SideStoke home