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Right: chimney of the new kiln looking comfortable against the backdrop of Flooded Gums.

The work fired in this kiln is fired raw. Sally Wattle is used for an overnight warmup, reaching about 150C by morning. Stoking with mixed hardwood (Eucalyptus) offcuts have in the past taken the kiln up to top temperature at about 10 pm. In future Camphor Laurel, a local weed tree, will be used.
For Dennis's work salt is applied directly onto the pots using a bamboo dispenser, and salt is also introduced into the firebox. For copper flashing up to 1kg of copper sulphate is introduced at 800c on the way up. If no copper sulphate is introduced there is some residual effect from previous firings.

Dennis and Malina have separate firings. Malina's work is fired with salt but in saggars.


Firebox end

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