Peter Pilven's kiln 2

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Kiln during firing
The kiln has a firebox 1.5 m width by 40 cms depth by 1 metre in length before the loading section on the floor commences. The floor of the kiln is stepped along its length and rises 30cms over its total length of 5 metres external [from firebox to flue] and has 3 side stoke ports along its length. The width of the chamber narrows from 1.5 to 1.2 metres at the end, which can at times induce excessive draw. A tight stack in the back chamber and the use of a damper has helped reduce this problem.  The kiln is usually fired for approximately 80 hours. The front half of the kiln, separated from the empty rear section by a temporary chequered wall, has been fired quite successfully in 36 hours when packed  with a higher proportion of  glazed ware. 

Wood supply

Front section  of the kiln

The pots and sculptural pieces are in the main left unglazed or very thinly glazed. In the more active areas of the chamber the work is washed with watery local clay slips. A very dry alumina based glaze is often used in the rear of the kiln where the temperature varies from firing to firing, something that Peter enjoys as it often throws up some subtle and unexpected results.

Rear section

Left: Inside the unloaded kiln looking towards the firebox
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