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The lid sections are made from stainless steel sheets bolted to a frame made from one inch diameter galvanised pipe. The fibre lining is held in place by ceramic cups which twist and click into place on stainless steel pegs which are welded to the stainless steel sheets.

The front lid after replacement of the hot face layer of fibre. Replacement is simply a matter of unclipping the ceramic cups and attaching new fibre. In this case the area of fibre exposed to ash attack is painted with CMS Zircoat W paste. Coating with paste is a mixed bag: it protects the fibre but when it falls off it ruins pots.

Below: bad things happen to fibre when it is subjected to too much ash.

Unprotected fibre on the rear lid after two firings. The service temperature of this fibre is unknown. We acquired a lot of it at very little cost when the local brickworks closed down. If this lid is used again without replacement of the hot face, bits of fibre will drop onto the pots, but will leave a less intrusive mark than the crusty coating in the image at right.

Coated fibre on the front lid after three firings. This fibre has a service temperature of 1400 deg C, and has been coated with Zircoat W. Some coating has fallen onto pots, making ugly white marks.

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