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Bottle, found clay and slip    24x12.5cm    2010

Fired in front chamber in a half open saggar

with Stone Pine and Black Cypress to 1250C

Bowl                        8x11cm                                       2008

White slip under thin application of oribe ash glaze

Fired with Pinus radiata in oxidising area on the floor of the rear chamber

Celadon glazed bottle  32x13cm  2007

Fired on side in front section of kiln to 1320C

Ash deposit from Salix fragilis. This firing was finished with Black Cypress.

 Bottle moulded from  clay dug from monastery grounds     2010

Local syenite slip fingered decoration

Fired to 1290C with Pinus  and Black Cypress at back of kiln.

Sergei is wary of bloating and collapse of fine high iron clays, so fires them in cooler areas.

Press moulded platter    38x38cm     2010

Applied ash glaze made from Eucalyptus bridgesiana ash

Fired with Pinus pinea and Acacia mearnsii to 1350C in front section

SideStoke home Sergei home