Paul Davis and the Sturt Pottery

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Photo of Paul Davis
Paul Davis                     2003

These pages first published  April 2004
Paul left the Sturt Pottery at the end of 2008

His current website address is

Looking from Sturt Cottage across to the gallery

The Sturt Pottery, part of the Sturt Workshops, is located at Mittagong, NSW (see map). In July 2003 Carol and I had the opportunity to run a short course there and to fire the two chamber kiln in the process. Sturt has had a place in my imagination since 1961 when Carol first bought some subdued bowls made at Sturt by Les Blakeborough. We used them for years without knowing who made them, and managed to break them shortly after realising their significence. The three chamber noborigama at Sturt also loomed large in my mental attic, and I was quite surprised to find out relatively recently that it was primarily fired with oil rather than wood. As mentioned by Megan Patey elsewhere on this site (click here) a lineup of well known Australian potters have occupied the position of Sturt Potter. The incumbent is Paul Davis, who is reinvigorating the Sturt Pottery.

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Sturt anagama

Double chamber kiln



Paul Davis

Paul Davis pots

End of the road?

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