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"Firebox dreams"                        49 x 18 x 10 cms
Clayworks Kajero clay, slab construction
Thinly sprayed feldspathic glaze

Fired in firebox 80 hours

"Flooding rain"                                                            6 x20 x7 cms
Clayworks SWS clay, thrown/altered
Two  feldspathic glazes, 1 sprayed, 1 dipped
Fired in middle top of kiln for 80 hours

"Eroding"                                        13.5  x 19 x 6 cms
mix of locally found clays, thrown/altered
Two feldspathic  glazes, poured and
Fired in front stack near firebox for 80hrs

"Dry Run"                                                  28 x 28 x 10 cms
RSF clay, slab constuction
High alumina glaze sprayed thinly
Fired in sidestoke area for 80hrs

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