Peter Thompson's soda kiln
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Peter's soda glazed pots are produced in this single chamber Bourry box kiln. Wet wood shavings are mixed with soda ash (sodium carbonate) and small amounts of salt and borax, wrapped in newspaper, and thrown into the chamber when the kiln is near top temperature. 8 to 10 of these baits are used per firing. As well as the baits, 2 litres of liquid soda mix is sprayed in by pressure pump.

Mixture for the baits: 18 to 20 baits are made from 1kg wet wood shavings, 1kg sodium carbonate, 0.5kg salt plus 0.2kg borax.

Liquid soda mix: 2 litres hot water, 1kg sodium carbonate, 0.5kg salt, plus 0.2kg borax. Dissolve and sieve finely. Spray equipment tends to block up from crystal growth forming at the spray nozzle. This is still an experimental procedure.

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