Building the chimney

Because the chimney starts well above ground level the top is uncomfortably high off the ground. I first constructed a light glavanised angle iron frame and attached three high tensile wires to the top of the frame. With Carol's help it was hoisted into position on top of the corbelled tapered section of the chimney, and the wires were attached to any convenient anchor points that came to hand (red lines, picture at right). A couple of layers of bricks were added to the chimney base to stabilise the base of the angle iron cage. Then the wires were tightened, with the help of turnbuckles (see photo below) so that the cage was vertical. After that it was simply a matter of building up the chimney, the chimney-in-cage being stable enough to lean a ladder against. It was tiresome climbing down the ladder and up again with just a few bricks at a time.


If using wire stays remember that wire can break suddenly if it is kinked.

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