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At right: Daniel constructing the dome over the chamber using the Squinch Arch method, an old Islamic technique for building domes and vaults in houses. Very generous applications of not very wet mortar are used in this process.

Below: initiating a corner of the firebox arch.

Looking up inside the dome of the kiln chamber

Above:corner of the dome over the chamber.

At left: a view of the arch over the firebox.

At right: the interior of an anagama Daniel built at the Southern Cross University, Lismore. One advantage of this method of laying bricks is that no arch former is needed. The thought behind the protruding bricks was that they would cause turbulence, which is widely regarded as desirable. A student who used this kiln had no comment on the turbulence but reported that these bricks certainly caused head wounds during packing. (The image is a composite of two photos).

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