Ben Richardson's Anagama

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Ben´s 200 cu ft (5.6 cu m) anagama was constructed before Fatso. His general intention is to fire this kiln yearly, with more frequent firings of Fatso. Although he experiments systematically with Tasmanian materials, and keeps detailed logs of his firings and written records of the results, he is relaxed about whatever surprises the kilns have to offer.

In conversation Ben said
“To a certain extent I get what I get”
and later felt the need to elaborate:
“ I guess what I would like to convey is that I try to set up a framework for surface effects through packing, stoking, atmosphere, coal build up etc but after that the unpredictabile nature of the firing still brings the unexpected. If I could fully control some of the resulting effects much of the inquisitive drive for future development of the work would not be there.”

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