A double Bourry box kiln
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These photos show a double Bourry firebox kiln which was built by John James of Warwick, Queensland. This kiln fires very evenly, with only one half cone variation top to bottom. The single Bourry box kiln of similar size shown here was very uneven.

These pages published 2004

One of the two fireboxes is facing the camera. The kiln is mostly constructed with bricks from Cooroy which are sold as commons but withstand high temperatures. The reddish bricks in the chimney structure are ordinary commons.

The stoking lid on the firebox on the left is raised ready to receive wood. The firebox on the right is partially obscured by a drum.

Above: John James using mill offcuts for initial stoking. The fire is transferred to the hobs at about 600 C, after which stoking takes place through the top stoking door (at right).

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