Three chamber noborigama

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Image of the noborigama at Sturt Pottery

Left: once the pride of the Sturt Pottery, the three chamber kiln is now in a sad state. It was built in 1964 by Les Blakebrough. While the anagama is clearly an asset to Sturt, it is a pity that the bricks for its construction came at the expense of the cannibalisation of the first two chambers of this historic kiln.

Below: as first constructed. The kiln was primarily fired with oil, with wood used for sidestoking. The figure is Takeichi Kawai, and this kiln is mentioned in Megan Patey's article.

Paul Davis talks of restoring this kiln to the way it never was – that is, as a fully wood fired kiln. The thought is irresistable but this would be a project requiring considerable financial and physical help. Contact Paul if you want to assist in either capacity.

For more information on woodfiring at Sturt, going back to 1954, see Megan Patey's article and Steve Harrison's book Australian Woodfiring.

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