The Sturt ogama 2

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The ogama from the front. Note the flame dividing column behind the firebox. Its purpose is to deflect the flames to the sides of the chamber. It also helps support the roof of the kiln.

Photos:Lyndon Stanley.

Interior of the kiln showing the original exit flue.

An email from Paul at one stage said:
Kiln floor is flat, but I am going to kick it up at the flue opening a bit . Flue is too big so rather than close it from the top I will put in a mini ski jump to bring it to the the right size.

However, the kiln proved difficult to fire in its original configuration, and some modifications have been made, including the construction of a damper and a sutema.

A rear view of the kiln, showing one sidestoke port.

Left: the damper moves vertically

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