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The double chamber kiln at Sturt started off as a single chamber kiln built by Libby Pickard in 2001. It was converted to its present form by Paul Davis and Fergus Stewart. Paul regularly warned us that the kiln has a tendency to charge upwards in temperature. It certainly fired very readily with Macrocarpa wood. The second chamber was brought up to salting temperature after closing the firebox and the first chamber. Air for combustion during sidestoking entered the kiln at floor level below the sidestoking ports. This would be a good choice for potters wanting a kiln with a second chamber suitable for salting.

Will Ruggles and Douglass Rankin have described, in great detail, the construction and firing of a similar kiln in two related articles, the first of which appears in the journal The Studio Potter (Volume 22, number 1).

The double chamber kiln at Sturt

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