World Map of Wood kilns

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Below is a link to Simon Levin's world map of wood kilns, which is an active Google map with markers for wood-fired kilns. 
To have a kiln represented on the map send the information detailed below to one of the following:
 Simon Levin (USA)     Josh Harmony (USA)         Arthur Rosser (Australia)                     

Click here for the full size map

Information required for a map listing
Your descriptions of any kilns you want mentioned.
The sizes of the kilns
A photo of one of the kilns (optional), or the web address of a photo available for download.
The name and address and possibly the email address of the contact person for the kiln.
The addresses of any relevant websites.
The coordinates of the kiln location.
To obtain the coordinates using Google Maps

Search for the street address.
Change to satellite view and zoom in on the location of the kiln.
Locate the cursor on the kiln location and right click
Click on What's here? in the menu box.
The coordinates of the kiln shed will appear in the search box.
To get the coordinates using Google Earth
Zoom in on the kiln location.
Click on the “Add placemark” ikon
Drag the placemark to the kiln location.
The coordinates will be shown in the “New placemark” dialog box