Sergei Shatrov

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Holy Transfiguration Monastery, Bombala, NSW

           Sergei Shatrov  at Woodfire Tas 2011
Photo:Arthur Rosser
These pages first published Dec 2011. All images by Sergei Shatrov except where stated

Wood firing potter Sergei Shatrov is the Superior (Abbot) of a Russian Orthodox Church monastic community for men, located near Bombala, about 2 hours drive from Canberra. More information  on the monastery is available here or here. The monastery is located in 1200 acres of mainly Eucalypt forest which forms part of a much larger forest. See map or locate Sergei's marker on the World Map of woodfire kilns.

"My aim in my work is simply practical and functional. My life in the monastery is reflected strongly in how I work with clay and the results I achieve from my kiln"    -  Sergei Shatrov

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